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Experience upgraded security and energy efficiency through Sunrise’s range of roll shutters – available for homeowners and businesses throughout Ontario.

Our rolling shutters are conveniently installed externally, controlled from within via traditional switches, remotes, or mobile apps. Reliable and resilient – our roll shutters slide into place effortlessly, retracting into an overhead panel box when not in use.

With options for manual and motorized operations, the slats and frames of our rolling shutters can be customized to blend with any exterior – creating smooth functionality and a harmonious aesthetic.


Protection From Break-ins and Vandalism

Lowering your roll shutters establishes a formidable barrier deterring potential intruders and vandals from gaining unauthorized access.

Managed from within your premises or through an exterior key lock, these roll shutters provide a reliable defense mechanism.

Protection From Solar Heat

Our rolling shutters provide up to 90% solar heat reduction, intercepting and neutralizing sunlight and preventing overheating.

Their insulated design combines partial reflection and solar heat absorption, creating a comfortable indoor environment by curbing the need for excessive air-conditioning.

Reduce your electricity consumption and create cost savings with our premium quality roll shutters. 

Thermal Protection

Our rolling shutters drastically minimize heat loss at night by creating an insulating air pocket between the shutter and the glass.

Benefit from almost 50% heat loss reduction and eliminate chilly drafts, resulting in annual energy savings.

Resilience Against Storms

Shield your property from hail, high winds, and debris by deploying closed roll shutters – that are particularly effective in safeguarding windows and doors during extreme weather conditions. Securing your property with roll shutters reduces the risk of prolonged water and wind exposure – minimizing damages.

Tailored Light Control and Privacy

Witness light management and privacy control with our innovative roll shutters. The slats feature adjustable slots, letting you regulate light levels according to preference – from illumination to everything in between.

When tightly closed, these rolling shutters guarantee absolute privacy – especially for those who seek undisturbed resting hours.

Protection From Noise

Our closed roll shutters absorb exterior sounds and create an additional insulating barrier between the shutter and glass – diminishing noise infiltration.

Experience a quieter living or working space – free from disruptive external sounds.


In 2022, Sebastian Kellner assumed ownership of DDK Security and Shade, rebranding it as Sunrise Roll-ups and Shades. Since then, Sunrise Roll-ups has flourished – empowered by a dedicated team committed to delivering premium quality products and services to customers across Ontario.

A Legacy of Dedication: The Kellner Family

Sebastian Kellner's journey was nurtured within a family business in Germany, where he gained management, international trade, and construction skills. With his Canadian partner – Breanne – they relocated to London, Ontario – where Kellner Innovations Inc. emerged. At Sunrise Roll-Ups and Shades, we don’t just offer energy efficiency and security for your home and business – we bring a legacy of commitment and a passion for innovation to each project we undertake. 

We can improve your home’s energy efficiency, as well as give you peace of mind by increasing your home and business security.


Tailored Manufacturing:

Sunrise Roll-Ups and Shades specializes in crafting customized roll shutters and deck privacy screens, meeting unique specifications without standard size constraints.

Premium Materials:

We source top-tier materials from British Columbia, meeting the highest quality standards for our products, as each roll shutter and deck screen is manufactured in-house.

Variety of Colors:

Our roll shutters are available in different colors, providing you with the opportunity to complement your home or business aesthetics.

Sunrise Rollups and Shades provides manufacturing, installing, and repair of Security Roll Shutters and retractable screens across Southwestern Ontario.

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