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BENEFITS OF CHOOSING SUNRISE Roll-up Doors in Mississauga


Sunrise Rollups offers highly customizable security solutions in Mississauga tailored to your needs. We excel in providing top-tier security shutters, roll-up doors, and retractable screens designed to match your property’s characteristics.


Our roll-up doors and security shutters are built to withstand the ever-changing weather conditions of Mississauga. From harsh winters to humid summers, our products are durable and remain functional and practical – providing long-lasting protection.


You’re investing in top-tier security solutions by choosing Sunrise Rollups in Mississauga - because our products act as physical barriers that deter break-ins and vandalism. With our guarantee, you experience peace of mind and a sense of safety for your residential and commercial properties.


Security doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics, and our roll-up doors are available in various colors and finishes – allowing you to choose options that blend in with your property and contribute to its overall appearance.

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Securing Your Business in Mississauga with Our Advanced Security Shutters

Discover your ideal business protection solution in Mississauga – our premium security shutters. We amplify your property’s visual appeal and security with a range of practical and budget-friendly options, so choose top-quality security solutions with us that are within reach, reasonable, and top-class.


Roll-Up Doors Tailored to Your Personal & Professional Needs in Mississauga

Utilize space in Mississauga with Sunrise Roll-up doors, perfect for commercial setups, garages, and storage sheds. Our innovative design gracefully rolls slats into compact enclosures above the entryway, offering you a versatile solution and maximizing your storage potential at the same time.

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Motorized Screens in Mississauga: Shielding from Sun and Insects

Enjoy Sun and Insect protection in Mississauga with Custom Motorized Screens - offering manual control options to easily manage your property's atmosphere without obstructing your scenic view.



Comprehensive Product Range:

Our diverse selection of products, crafted through in-house manufacturing, harmoniously blends affordability and customization. Using only premium components from Europe and the U.S., we meet our client's expectations by offering exceptional durability and seamless fits.

24/7 Service & Repairs:

We extend round-the-clock emergency services to address your needs, and our team is primed to respond swiftly to inquiries – within two hours of any complaints. We are committed to resolving issues by the following business day.

Expertise at your Doorstep:

Encompassing Ilderton, Goderich, Guelph, Kitchener, Hamilton, Sarnia, and Southwestern Ontario, we reach your location directly. We provide exclusive services - from security shutters and roll-up doors to deck screen installations.

Cutting-Edge Roll-Up Doors in Mississauga for Modern Solutions

As your all-in-one security destination, we deliver top-tier safety solutions for commercial and residential needs.

Our full-service approach revolves around creating custom roll-up doors in Mississauga, unmatched installation services, and responsive customer support – all designed to meet your security requirements precisely.

With our assortment of roll-up doors and, experience the unique Sunrise experience in Mississauga – where we prioritize your security, offer you peace within your surroundings, and help you gain maximum value from your long-term investment.

Cutting-Edge Roll-Up Doors in Mississauga for Modern Solutions

Feel Secure at Home or Work with our Roll-up Doors in Mississauga

Experience comprehensive security solutions to fortify your residence and business premises.
With Sunrise Roll-up doors in Mississauga, we protect homes and enterprises across Mississauga from potential risks and acts of vandalism. From our innovative security shutters to state-of-the-art roll-up doors, our proactive strategy guarantees the safety of your loved ones and your assets.
Stay ahead of security concerns by discovering our full range of solutions designed to instill confidence in the security of your property.

What we Offer?


Can your security shutters and roll-up doors be customized to fit specific requirements?

Our security shutters and roll-up doors are highly customizable to meet your needs. We understand that every property in Mississauga is unique, and we tailor our solutions to ensure a perfect fit.

How long does installation take for security shutters and roll-up doors in Mississauga?

The installation time can vary based on the specific project and requirements. However, we strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising on quality. Our team in Mississauga is dedicated to delivering timely solutions.

Are your security shutters and roll-up doors weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use?

Our security shutters and roll-up doors are designed to be weather-resistant and well-suited for outdoor use in Mississauga. They are built to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining functionality and appearance.

Do you offer maintenance services for security shutters and roll-up doors in Mississauga?

We offer maintenance services for your security shutters and roll-up doors in Mississauga, and our regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your products and ensure they continue to function optimally.

What types of security solutions do Sunrise Rollups offer?

Sunrise Rollups offers comprehensive security solutions in Mississauga, including security shutters, roll-up doors, and retractable screens. These solutions are tailored to enhance the security and aesthetics of your property.

Can your roll-up doors be motorized for added convenience?

Yes, our roll-up doors in Mississauga can be motorized for added convenience. Motorization allows you to easily open and close the doors with the touch of a button, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

What security features do your products offer to deter break-ins and vandalism?

Our security shutters and roll-up doors are designed with durability and security in mind. They act as a physical barrier, deterring break-ins and vandalism. Their robust construction provides extra protection for your property in Mississauga.

Are your roll-up doors available in different colors and finishes?

Yes, our roll-up doors in Mississauga are available in various colors and finishes to complement your property's aesthetic. You can choose the option that best suits your preferences and seamlessly integrates with your design.

Do you provide warranties or guarantees on your products and services?

Yes, we provide warranties and guarantees on our products and services in Mississauga. We stand behind the quality and reliability of our solutions, ensuring that you receive the peace of mind you deserve.


" An outstanding company. I highly recommend Sunrise Rollups and Shades for their expertise and their excellent prompt service. We installed shutters on a Heritage Building in Downtown London. Morgan at Sunrise provided exceptional, friendly and personal service. She was always quick to respond and with the expertise of their staff, she walked us through each step of the process and provided documents we needed to get a Heritage Permit and Building permit from the City. She tended to details as if we were their only clients. We are completely satisfied with the result."

" We are absolutely thrilled with the level of service that Sunrise provided for us from start to finish.  The updated quotes, estimates, measurements and final installation were impeccable.  We cannot wait to get the full use of our new shades by the poolside this summer.  Special shout out to Morgan who was excellent to deal with.  We highly, highly recommend this great company."

" We recently replaced our 40+ yr old rollershade which was with our housewhen we bought the house 36 yrs ago.  It was a manual rollershade, sohaving the new automatic installed, we are thrilled with the ease ofusing it now!  Our family room gets a lot of sunlight so it is nice to havethe shade partially down in the daytime, and up in the evening.  We alsoenjoy the privacy it gives us, when needed.We were so pleased that DDK also serviced the Kitchener-Waterloo areaand everyone was pleasant and did a great job!"

" The electric outdoor screens are amazing. Up and down as needed with a remote.Have a screen porch/area when you want.  Sunrise did a great job ! Pleasant staff, detail oriented and neat.  Thank you. We love the screens"

"They did great work easy to work with and installed ahead of projected timeline. Would definitely recommend this company"

"Recommend by someone and wasn't dissatisfied.  Very honest and reliable from start to finish. Highly recommend if someone Looking for shutter for their business!"

"A Perfect  Job/installation,, Large Window  , Shutters ,  On A Scale  1 To 10 It Is A 12    Honestly.......i Am Beyond   Happy.... Highly  Recommended  Thank You  Mr  Rye"

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Exterior Roll-Up Doors, Deck Screen Installation & Repair Services in MISSISSAUGA

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