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Experience the outdoors fully with Sunrise Rollups and Shades’ deck privacy screens.

Our deck privacy screens offer an ideal solution for safeguarding against sun and mosquitoes – for residences and businesses across Southwestern Ontario.


1. Flexibility:
Whether it’s your patio, porch, deck, or windows – these deck privacy screens adapt to your preferences. Offering a cozy, bug-free environment, our customizable deck privacy screens come in different colors and materials, such as resilient insect-resistant mesh or vinyl. Transition easily between open-air relaxation and secure comfort – retract your deck privacy screens when not in use or tap your phone.
2. Year-Round Shelter:
Don’t let unpredictable weather dictate your outdoor enjoyment anymore – our deck privacy screens offer an all-season solution. Shielding you from UV rays, wind, and light rain – these deck privacy screens are an excellent choice for residences and businesses. 
3. Aesthetics:
Create visual appeal for your home or business with the refined design of our deck privacy screens – with a sleek, contemporary look that harmonizes with your existing architecture. Adding an air of sophistication to your outdoor space, our deck privacy screens offer vibrant colors, finishes, and styles that create the perfect screens to mirror your unique style.
A Retractable Screen Installed over a Garage Door Opening
A Retractable Screen Installed over a Garage Door Opening
4. Energy Efficiency:
Become eco-friendly by having decks with privacy screens – they actively contribute to energy efficiency. By shielding against solar heat, these deck privacy screens reduce solar heat gain, leading to reduced energy consumption and less cooling expenses.
5. Privacy Solutions:
Sunrise Roll-Ups and Shades’ deck privacy screens offer an extra layer of privacy without compromising outdoor enjoyment. Our deck privacy screens offer varying privacy preferences, creating secluded retreats within your outdoor expanse. Unwinding on your patio, conducting an outdoor business meeting, or even soaking in a hot tub was never easier. 
6. Effortless Maintenance:
Engineered for user-friendly functionality, our deck privacy screens extend or retract via an intuitive motorized system that is controllable via a remote or wall switch. This extends to remote operating from any location – and our premium materials ensure a prolonged performance with minimal upkeep.
A Retractable Screen Installed on a Back Deck
A Retractable Screen Installed on a Back Deck

Bug-Free and Sun-Protected Backyards with Our Deck Privacy Screens

Our deck privacy screens are easy to see through and let you enjoy a comfortable outdoor setting without sacrificing your view.
The benefits you gain by having a deck with a privacy screen: 
  • Preserve your view
  • Keep your home cool
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Protect furniture from fading
  • Prevent hardwood floors from drying
  • Protect valuable artwork from the sun
High Quality Screens for a Backyard Patio
Our Retractable Screens Installed on a Backyard Patio

Fully Functional and Stylish Decks with Privacy Screens

Our deck privacy screens are available in different colors and weave densities to match your style.
  • Three levels of protection
  • Able to open and close together
  • Easy to clean – hose them down
  • Easy to use, either by hand or by motor 
  • Special edge system lets you stay secure even when it's windy
  • They roll up into a 5-inch box when you’re not using them.
Retractable Sun Shade For a Living Room
A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home without the Bugs!


Tailored Manufacturing:

Sunrise Roll-Ups and Shades specializes in crafting customized roll shutters and deck privacy screens, meeting unique specifications without standard size constraints.

Premium Materials:

We source top-tier materials from British Columbia, meeting the highest quality standards for our products, as each roll shutter and deck screen is manufactured in-house.

Variety of Colors:

Our roll shutters are available in different colors, providing you with the opportunity to complement your home or business aesthetics.


In 2022, Sebastian Kellner assumed ownership of DDK Security and Shade, rebranding it as Sunrise Roll-ups and Shades. Since then, Sunrise Roll-ups has flourished – empowered by a dedicated team committed to delivering premium quality products and services to customers across Ontario.

A Legacy of Dedication: The Kellner Family

Sebastian Kellner's journey was nurtured within a family business in Germany, where he gained management, international trade, and construction skills. With his Canadian partner – Breanne – they relocated to London, Ontario – where Kellner Innovations Inc. emerged. At Sunrise Roll-Ups and Shades, we don’t just offer energy efficiency and security for your home and business – we bring a legacy of commitment and a passion for innovation to each project we undertake. 

We can improve your home’s energy efficiency, as well as give you peace of mind by increasing your home and business security.